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Made in Hartford

May 2021 Pickup Event

May 2021 Pickup Event

We call these pickup events because you meet up with us to collect your box at a certain place and time—no home delivery involved. You save on shipping and enjoy a little something extra.

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What to expect?

Once you join, we spring into action and do a bit of running around to safely prepare boxes and items for you.

Upon arrival, check-in with us at our table. We will provide you with your Hog River gift card to select and redeem your four-pack of beer. Before we seal up your box, we add any chilled items (e.g., cheese) and your beer.

Your monthly pick-up events will be held at Hog River Brewery in Hartford's Parkville neighborhood.

Getting there

Hog River Brewery

1429 Park Road, Hartford, CT 06106.
(Apple Maps | Google Maps)

  • For non-smartphone GPS, use "30 Bartholomew Avenue..."
  • Free parking available in their lot across the street from the brewery entrance on Bartholomew Avenue
  • Call or message Donald at (860) 929-6370 should any challenges come up

We will be situated just inside the brewery, wearing masks, and taking precautions. Curbside pick-up available upon request.

Stay as long as you like.

  • Pick-up your box anytime between 2:00 pm -6:00 pm
  • We'll be stationed inside, wearing masks and all that good stuff
  • Curbside pick-up upon request, call Donald (860) 929-6370 when you arrive
  • Stick around, enjoy a beer or two
  • Food truck on-site
  • Bring your dog along—we love dogs
  • Scope out the Parkville Market, too (nearby)
As soon as we know which food truck will be coming along on pick-up days we will notify you! We are just as curious (and hungry) as you are.

What if I can't make it?

Things come up. Life happens. Don't worry, we will automatically ship your box out the next day. Should you realize you are unable to pick-up, contact Donald immediately via email, phone call, or message at (860) 929-6370. See our Delivery & Refunds information for more details.

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