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We built Curated CT for those of us who value locally made artisan products.

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We partner with a variety of small, family-owned, or local businesses to bring you a monthly experience we know you'll love.

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What is a pilot subscription service?

Think of this as a chance to try something new, while also having a hand in shaping what it becomes. An experiment of sorts!

In any experiment, there is a hypothesis being tested, an educated guess as to how something will turn out in a particular situation. When it comes to startups, we are covered in hypotheses rooted in assumptions about how we understand customers' needs, what we promise, and how best to deliver on those promises. Running a pilot allows us to try a few ideas, but it also empowers you as a subscriber to express your voice. So, when you read that Curated CT is launching a pilot program to bring locally-sourced goods to folks around Hartford, it's because we've done a lot of assuming. And you know what that does.

This pilot subscription service is intended to span the remaining months in 2020. What we learn will continue to inform how we can improve everything from the box you pick-up to the contents inside, to the online experience you have before and after the pick-up event. Let me forewarn you, that as we learn and grow together you may notice changes—and anything is fair game, because ultimately we want to create a way make locally made artisan products easily accessible while sticking true to our values, which includes doing the right thing for all our stakeholders.

I promise to remember the chance you are taking on me. Your willingness to take a risk to try out something new is something we are forever grateful for and it will not go unnoticed. I promise to find creative ways to regularly thank you for being a part of this experiment along our startup journey, and after.

Thank you for making this possible.

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