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Local, small, and family-owned businesses we are proud to list and feature.

How our journey began

Over the past five years, we have sought out how to engage with and help a vibrant small business community thrive. From support and encouragement received by the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at UConn, we are pushing towards our goal to make a local lifestyle accessible to folks busy pursuing their lives while creating new ways for exceptional small business owners and artisans to promote their works. We built Curated CT for those of us who value locally made artisan products.

No longer living vicariously.

Curated achieves this by going beyond magazines and podcasts telling you how wonderful foods, farms, and experiences are and brings them to you.

In the world of free-shipping and big-box stores, we believe in greater consumer choice — that convenience isn't reserved just for big business nor does it need to involve the downgrading of experience into human-less transactions.

Our journey to create local moments has only just begun.