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What's in the Box? (February 2021)

What's in the Box? (February 2021)

It's all inside

Bread | Cheese | Chocolate | Coffee + dry-cured salami

Chocolate is on our mind.

Milk Chocolate Bar from Thorncrest Farm Milk Chocolate House (Goshen)

I met Kimberly a month ago on a quest to discover more local chocolates in Connecticut. They make their chocolate using their prized dairy cows—it does not disappoint. You might tend to judge a chocolate on the merits of their dark chocolates, but I could not resist sharing this bar of milk chocolate with you.
Can’t wait to hear what you think.

Womanchego from Cato Corner Farm (Colchester)

This 1/2-pound of cheese is what got us hooked on Cato Corner where we discovered them during an annual market at the Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown.

French Country Batard from Hartford Baking Company (West Hartford)

Freedom from Giv Coffee (Canton)

12oz. whole bean or ground. We originally enjoyed Giv at Story and Soil in Hartford only to learn of their social mission behind their coffee roasting practice

Traditional Dry-Cured Salami from Oui Charcuterie (Woodbridge)

Something extra we can’t stop having alongside the womanchego and country loaf—about 1/2-pound.

This combination of items was derived from those late-afternoonswhen we're at home and ready to take a break from…everything.

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