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Made in Hartford

What’s in the Box? (May 2021)

It's all inside

Bread | Cheese | Chocolate | Coffee + sheep’s milk soap

Your skin will thank you.

In the last year, I have actively sought out products that aren’t packaged (a.k.a. “naked”) in or contain plastics—especially with revelations around whatactually gets recycled. Personal care and hygiene was one area in my life I could make some changes, like buying soaps and shampoos in bar form. It just so happens that I got introduced to Leah Beckett, of Beckett Farm in Glastonbury, who owns Herd Supply. Not only did we find her soaps to be incredibly moisturizing, but we’ve also begun learning so much more about local wool and how sheep can be a part of our sustainability efforts. —Donald

  • Milk Chocolate Bar from Thorncrest Farm Milk Chocolate House (Goshen)
  • Vivance Bambino from Cato Corner Farm (Colchester)
  • Country Sourdough Batard from Hartford Baking Company (West Hartford)
  • Guatemalan Single Origin from Ashlawn Farm Coffee (Old Saybrook)
  • “Avon” Cederwood + Fir Bar Soup from Herd Supply (Glastonbury, CT/Cambridge, MA)


This combination of items was derived from those late-afternoonswhen we're at home and ready to take a break from…everything.

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