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Made in Hartford

What’s in the Box? (April 2021)

It's all inside

Bread | Cheese | Chocolate | Coffee + tortilla chips

Flake tortilla chips baked to perfection.

After UConn featured us in December, I received a note from Lauren—a fellow Husky—over at Rose Sisters Chips. What was almost as rewarding as eating them was having to break them up in the bag before opening it up. We wondered if it was in poor taste to share these chips with you without guacamole or fresh salsa, but Lauren was very clear: try them first on their own. Wow, we recommend the same to you!—Donald

  • Assorted Chocolate Truffles from Munion’s Chocolates (Bolton)
  • Aged Bloomsday from Cato Corner Farm (Colchester)
  • Seven Grain Batard from Hartford Baking Company (West Hartford)
  • 1730 Farm Blend from Ashlawn Farm Coffee (Old Saybrook)
  • Original Family Recipe Chips from Rone Sister’s Chips (Bridgeport)


This combination of items was derived from those late-afternoonswhen we're at home and ready to take a break from…everything.

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