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We built Curated CT for those of us who value locally made artisan products.

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We partner with a variety of small, family-owned, or local businesses to bring you a monthly experience we know you'll love.

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Purposefully convenient

Purposefully convenient

Hassle-free shopping has never been more social. From the first-time you pick-up your box to the small business stories you'll gain, Curated delivers a community experience. But, what does that mean? It means that every Curated CT subscriber makes the effort to visit us at one of our pick-up locations each and every month.

Now, I suspect you may be telling me that this hardly sounds convenient. What gives? Well, what we have discovered is that convenience matters (and it does!) but in some special cases (like going to a farmers market) we actually love the experience of stopping by and knowing the folks who make the things we love and enjoy.

Along with a classmate Rahul, we interviewed dozens of individuals and small business owners. Many we spoke with agreed buying locally was a superior choice, but most admitted they didn't because it just was not convenient. We decided to unpack what folks mean by "convenience" — because we know sometimes we are willing to do a little extra searching or drive an extra mile, something less convenient, if we know it's worthwhile.

We took away two key aspects that convenience boils down to:

  1. Time, which is to say we are all limited in the amount of time we can spend concerning ourselves about where the things we buy comes from; and
  2. Timing, as in when in a typical day we are available to worry about shopping and running errands.

As we designed our subscription experience, these two properties of convenience are what we set out to balance against the other pleasurable aspects of of shopping locally, namely knowing where your items come from, how they are made, and who makes them. This is perhaps most noticed at a farmer's market, like the unforgettable market hosted weekly in Coventry, CT. We would hardly say the market is convenient, but notice how it still draws crowds and puts a smile on our faces each and every time we go.

Now, if only there were a way to get a taste of the excitement we get from a farmer's market with the ease of something close by, and accommodating to our schedules... [hint: it's Curated CT!]

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