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Croissant worth writing about

Croissant worth writing about

I am forever on the search for a good croissant—and as we include bread in our membership boxes, my ears always perk up when I hear "there's a new bakery opening up." After scanning through a list of participatory businesses in Bristol, as part of their Bristol Bucks pilot this spring, I came across the Bakery on Maple. That's when I saw the word "croissant" and immediately went to filling out their online form.

I was curious to know how it all worked—at the time, the bakery had not officially opened at its location on Maple Street. I was assured by Erika Stirk, owner and baker, that I could pick whatever date and quantity I needed and they would be ready to pickup. Days before I was schedule to pickup, I received a confirmation email and we exchanged a couple quick pleasantries. I was happy to have something new to look forward to that Sunday morning.

And sure enough, when I arrived—surprisingly punctual, for me— Erika was there ready with 12 croissant boxed up and still warm from having just been prepared that morning. Erika and her boyfriend are doing the baking together and she has spent the better part of two-years working on launching her bakery storefront. "I tried one from the batch this morning and I think they came out particularly well" she shared as we said our good-byes. I lasted seconds in the car before nearly ripping the box top off and biting into the first one. It was like something out of an actual continental breakfast.

What I find difficult about having a good croissant is too often they are made too doughy or—the other extreme—they are so dry it practically flakes apart in your hand only to expose giant air pockets.These were flaky, buttery, and there was a slight sweetness on the outside—something I wasn't expected, but rather enjoyed.

Not long after, I told Paul I had found a new bakery he needs to try. We met later that afternoon, while on his way to his home, so I could share some for he and his family. I hope to find a way to get these to your table, too. Thank you Erika for opening your doors and sharing your baking talents—and be on the lookout for some Bakery on Maple in your membership box.

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